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 Ways to cure psoriasis

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Ways to cure psoriasis Empty
PostSubject: Ways to cure psoriasis   Ways to cure psoriasis EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 10:57 pm

When the symptoms associated with the disease trouble the patient and the disease starts to make the person’s life miserable the sufferer’s mind will be on the search to find an answer for the question –How to cure psoriasis? The actual causes of the disease is controversial as some say that this is a manifestation of the overreaction of the immune system but most agree on the fact that both genetic and the immune system contribute to the development of the disease. Among the different types of psoriasis- plaque, guttate, inverse psoriasis are the most common types and are characterized by reddishness of the skin covered by silvery white scales or with white pustules on the skin and smooth reddish lesions in the skin folds. There are herbal treatments methods used to treat the symptoms and to prevent the triggering of the disease and with ayurvedic treatment the complete system purification can be achieved and sometimes the disease can be uprooted in its entirety. As a prelude to psoriasis treatment Ayurveda suggests Panchakarma as detoxifying the body is the first step and since each body physiology differs a personalized treatment plan will be devised by the practitioner based on the type of Psoriasis. Psoriasis treatment requires strict dietary restrictions and a systematic life style. Among the natural remedies to decrease the incidence it is best to avoid direct exposure to the mid-day sun and one must avoid too much of salty foods, acidic foods and fats, eggs or canned foods.
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Ways to cure psoriasis
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